OWC Data Doubler Adds Up To 3.0tb Of Hard Drive And/Or SSD-Flash Storage To Apple MacBook And MacBook Pro

Other World Computing (OWC – http://www.macsales.com) has announced the availability of its new OWC Data Doubler DIY Bundles, available for up to 3.0TB of internal, RAID-able drive capacity for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro models. The OWC Data Doubler gives MacBook/MacBook Pro owners the flexibility to configure their computer’s internal drive array to suit their needs: greater overall storage for up to 3.0 TB total capacity; greater data integrity by creating an internal back-up drive; or greater performance by creating a Striped RAID in Disk Utility.

This straightforward, easy to follow DIY kit lets virtually anybody take their existing MacBook or MacBook Pro and install more and/or faster storage than factory stock. The Data Doubler mounting solution, available for immediate ordering from $37.99, comes complete with the Data Doubler internal drive mount, a detailed step-by-step Mac notebook model-specific installation guide, and a five-piece toolkit. Special Bundles, that also include up to two drives and up to 3.0TB of capacity, are available from $89.00. Easy to follow, OWC ‘How To’ videos are also available online. The OWC Data Doubler is available for Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro models, which include the following:

• Apple MacBook 13″ 2008 to 2010
• Apple MacBook Pro 13″ models 2009 and later (excluding 13″ w/Retina)
• Apple MacBook Pro 15″ models 2008 and later (excluding 15″ w/Retina)
• Apple MacBook Pro 17″ models 2009 and later

After purchasing a new OWC Data Doubler DIY Kit, the internal “SuperDrive” can be re-purposed as an external optical drive with the OWC SuperSlim USB 2.0 enclosure, available at a discounted price of $19.00 when purchased with Data Doubler. This lightweight, USB 2.0 bus-powered enclosure is the ideal solution for MacBook and MacBook Pro owners installing an OWC Data Doubler DIY Kit. At the same time, while enjoying up to an additional capacity in the re-purposed optical drive bay, users can install the replaced Apple SuperDrive into the OWC SuperSlim enclosure to create a fully bootable, external Plug and Play CD and DVD burning/playing solution.

“Our Data Doubler Kits enable anyone to add new levels of storage capacity, performance and reliability that are simply unavailable from factory models,” says Larry OConnor, founder and CEO of Other World Computing. “By adding a second hard drive and replacing your current internal drive you can now have up to 3.0TB (up to 3X Factory Option) of storage capacity for your MacBook or MacBook Pro.”

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Full product and ordering information for OWC memory upgrades up to 16GB, internal SSD/Flash and hard drive upgrades up to 1.5TB, and other accessories for all Apple MacBook and MacBook Pro laptops is available on OWC’s website:

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