Musing About Dumping The iPhone And Replacing It With A What?

PC Mag’s Seamus Condron says his iPhone 5 May Be His Last Mobile Phone. He affrims being a tried-and-true Apple customer, but says the iPhone 5 ($689.00 at Amazon) is the first Apple product he’s owned that doesn’t excite him to use, and that using it every day feels completely perfunctory, and his relationship with the handset is becoming strained. He’s thinking about sellingit even though he’s still at the front end of a two-year contract with his carrier. However, Condron says if he does sell, his replacement probably won’t be a “phone” in the typical sense.

Howcum? Because for one thing, his monthly talk time never exceeds double digits. On the other hand, he consistently exceeds is 5GB plan due to compulsive emailing, tweeting, Flipboarding, and use of other data-intensive apps.

The tentative solution? Condron says he is seriously considering experimenting with an iPad mini (269.50 at Extak) as his primary mobile device.

He notes that while the cellular version of the iPad mini might make a more logical iPhone replacement, he’s at least going to test out living with a Wi-Fi only connection, noting that we cling to certain technologies despite the fact that more logical alternatives are emerging. He notes that cable subscriptions are becoming increasingly redundant, and thinks that in the next few years, the idea of a cell phone plan will likewise seem unnecessary.

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