Hate iOS 7? Give It A Month

Think you’re going to hate iOS 7? “Give it a month,” says Macworld UK’s David Price, who notes that after slowly evolving the iOS interface since the first iPhone OS, Apple’s designers have decided it’s time to make a visual leap, with the user interface color palette transformed from muted to vibrantly acidic, with the familiar transparency and parallax effects that create the illusion of a deep, layered screen and the borders, colour gradients and skeuomorphic elements having been banished.

Initial reaction has been in some instances been passionately negative. Blogger Jim Lynch, for example, said that whille he likes the Control Center, multitasking, iTunes Radio, Safari improvements and some other stuff he finds welcome and useful, adding real value to iOS 7, but that appearance-wise it felt like someone had dragged a cheese grater across his eyeballs, with most of the icons a mishmash of pastels that exude emotionally incoherent inconsistency, and a color scheme he finds almost unbearable.

Personally, your editor remains open-minded, and I don’t find the color theme that offensive, although it wouldn’t have been my first choice. However, I’m a more of a form follows function guy anyway. I’m most interested in if and how iOS 7 improves the user experience.

Price recommends giving iOS 7 a fair chance before condemning the new look. I agree.

6 Overlooked New Features of iOS 7

Meanwhile, PC Mag’s Jill Duffy says that while many of us are already familiar with iOS 7’s redesigned interface, AirDrop being added, the completely updated Notification Center, as well as some much-needed changes to photos, multi-tasking, and the control center, there are a few overlooked features of iOS 7 she thinks are worth pointing out, all of which improve the overall experience of owning an iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Ms. Duffy highlights six overlooked features she thinks may whet your appetite even more.

1. Limit Ad Tracking
2. Do Not Track in Safari
3. Blocking Numbers for Phone, Messages, FaceTime
4. Auto Close Captioning and Subtitles
5. Apps Popular Near Me
6. Preset Maps for Walking or Driving Directions

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