Which Would You Prefer For The Money: a MacBook Air Or An iPhone 5s?

Aussie Electronista contributor Sanjiv Sathiah says that while Apple’s iPhone 5c pricing caught many by surprise, it’s tht pricing of the iPhone 5s that’s giving him pause, noting that in Australia, an iPhone 5s 64GB will retail for $30 more than a MacBook Air with 128GB, with Apple Australia selling the new 64GB iPhone 5s for AU $1,129 off-contract, while the 128GB 11-inch MacBook Air is tagged at AU $1,099.

Sathiah observes that the only circumstance he would consider getting the new iPhone 5s under that price structure is if it were subsidized on a two-year plan, and when you starting comparing the iPhone 5c, or even the iPhone 5s against the Nexus 4 from a bang for your buck perspective, the Nexus 4 looks like a bargain, with, ironically, Apple’s own MacBook Air also starting to look like a bargain as well, and he would sooner spend his money on the MacBook Air than the iPhone 5s.

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