Intel Will Bring A “Good Enough” Tablet To The US By Christmas for less than $100 – Report

Quartz’s Christopher Mims says Intel is about to do something that would have seemed crazy under previous CEOs: the company’s latest strategy is to disrupt itself before its competitors do by competing at the lowest end of the microprocessor market with small, power-efficient, and relatively inexpensive chips to power the mobile phones and tablets that are directly cannibalizing the market for PCs.

Mims says the most surprising and extreme example of this fundamental shift in strategy was new Intel CEO Brian Krzanich’s recent declaration that Intel chips will be inside tablet computers that cost less than $100 – to arrive by the US holiday season, noting that this was apparently such an important announcement that Krzanich repeated it, after his first articulation failed to elicit applause from the audience at last week’s Intel Developer Forum.

He notes that the Intel sub-$100 tablet will probably be a 7-incher with relatively modest specifications, but that doesn’t mean it wouldn’t be, for most consumers, more than good enough.

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