Squeezing Longer Life From An Old MacBook

Mac360’s Ron McElfresh notes that if you’re like most Mac users, you have a MacBook (MacBook plastic, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro). And, if your MacBook is a few years old youve probably noticed how slow it has become.

And while the lure of a shiny and speedy new Mac is tempting, there is a way to squeeze a few more years from older Macs. Its easy to do, doesnt cost much, and actually adds years and value to a Mac notebook. He explains that he’s owned three Mac notebooks, the most recent a late 2008 model unibody MacBook, and that while he’s pining for a speedy fast new 13-inch MacBook Air with 12 hours of battery life, budget realities dictate holding onto the MacBook a while longer.

So he swapped out the MacBook’s disk drive and replaced it with an SSD (from OWC/MacSales), which he says breathes new life with little effort or money.

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