iPhone 5s Upgrade Kit for iPhone 5 – Gold

OK, not really, but you can give your iPhone 5 an upgraded look by applying these fitted iPhone 5s style skins in Gold, Space Grey, or Silver.

Apple iPhone 5s effect skin features:
• High precision for an accurate fit
• Compatible for use with cases
• Access to all ports and features

Apple iPhone 5s effect skin is made from high quality vinyl, and manufactured to replicate the iPhone 5s’ styling. The iPhone 5s upgrade skin for the iPhone 5 includes a metallic effect home button surrounding mimicking the new Touch ID home button on the new iPhone 5S.

Measured and cut to perfection, these vinyl skins provide the most accurate fit on the market. Complementing the contours and design of the iPhone 5.

Measuring no more than 1mm thick, these vinyl decals are so thin that it does not interfere with the use of a protective case for your iPhone 5.

Access To All Ports And Features

Specially designed cutouts allow full access for all your iPhone’s ports and features. This includes the camera, flash, volume controls and the charging port.


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