Once You Upgrade to iOS 7, There’s No Going Back

TIME Techland’s Matt Peckham reports that upgrading to iOS 7 is a bridge-burning one-way trip, citing an International Business Times report that if you now try to downgrade from iOS 7 to iOS 6, iTunes will show an error message, indicating that devices running on the public release of iOS 7 are not eligible for that specific firmware build. Packham advises that if you’re still running iOS 6 and pondering an upgrade to iOS 7, make sure youre ready to make the leap, because for better or worse, there’s no going back.’

The Register’s Jasper Hamill says that unlike with the developer beta of iOS 7 that left the option of retreating back to iOS 6, with the release of the iOS 7 final Apple has stopped “signing” its older firmware, and without a signature, the older operating system won’t install.

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