Phone 5C Gets Video Teardown Directions

With the iPhone 5C being recently released, the guys at got their hands on one and jumped right into tearing it down on video.

DirectFix have posted their teardown and screen repair video on YouTube, and its quite interesting to watch. Instead of simply seeing photos of the guts of the iPhone 5C phone their video actually shows the steps needed to disassemble and tear it down for repair.

The video shows how to replace the screen, motherboard, battery and many other parts. It’s also one of the easier iPhones that they have taken apart recently.

If you are brave and wish to try this when your iPhone 5C breaks, then this video should help you with that process. Also remember that you are doing this at your own risk if you attempt it. Most manufacturers will not warranty a broken screen so you may already have a voided warranty if you dropped the phone and cracked the screen.

Link to Youtube Video:

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