TouchMarks II: iPad mini and iPad Have Most Responsive Tablet Touchscreens

Agawi’s TouchMarks tablet touchscreen responsiveness test report, compares touchscreen latencies of leading tablets, including iPads, Microsoft’s Surface and leading Android tablets as well as Amazon’s brand new Kindle Fire HD and Nvidia’s new Tegra 4-based SHIELD.

In TouchMarks, Agawi uses their Touchscope to benchmark the app response time of touchscreen devices by measuring the interval between when the user touches the screen and the device updates the display. They place the light sensor and touch at the center of the screen to account for the devices’ 60 Hz refresh rate in airplane mode with full brightness and all background apps closed to make the test as fair as possible.

They found that the iOS devices are more responsive than their competitors, and interestingly, the iPad mini with its smaller screen and 1024×768 resolution performs similarly to the larger fourth generation iPad and its 2048×1536 resolution, suggesting that responsiveness is not reduced by the larger screen size or resolution.

Amazon’s Kindle Fire HD was a surprising leader in the Android section, especially given that its $90+ cheaper than the other two Android tablets tested. Finally, Microsoft’s Surface RT also performed much better than expected, especially given that Nokia’s Lumia also running Windows didn’t fare significantly better than did Android devices in Agawi’s previous smartphone comparison, and the researchers are looking forward to running Amazon’s higher-end Kindle HDX and Microsoft’s new Surface 2 through Touchscope.

They conclude provisionally that if you’re into latency-sensitive applications like games or interactive music apps, then your best bet might be an iPad.

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