Is Yahoo The New Gmail?

Yahoo has been going through a series of changes recently with the latest change being a makeover to its free email service. With a completely new look, additional useful features and upgrades to mobile applications, Yahoo’s email is attempting to garner a larger portion of daily email users. Tech expert Karl Volkman of Chicago’s SRV Network, Inc., shares his insights on the tech giant’s email redesign.

“Since Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer worked directly with Google and its popular Gmail service, many of the changes to Yahoo’s email reflect Gmail both aesthetically and functionally,” observes Volkman.

One thing users will notice is a change in the organization of email threads, which will place emails in a related topic in a conversation view. “This feature is quite popular with Gmail users. It allows for easy, automatic organization and helps with following a conversation. While users will have the option to turn it off, I believe most Yahoo users will embrace this change,” continues Volkman.

[Editor’s note: Not this longtime Yahoo! Mail user, who is distinctly underwhelmed by the new user interface. CM]

In addition, Yahoo users can customize backgrounds to spruce up the design of their inboxes and add a personalized experience. To take the personalization even farther, Yahoo’s mobile apps will automatically feature the background that is present when using email on a browser.

However, according to Volkman the most relevant change may be expansive offering of storage space. “Yahoo had previously held the notion that users would not run out of storage space, but never put an actual cap on the amount. Now, Yahoo offers each of its email users a maximum of one terabyte of storage, which is enough to last even the most avid email user multiple lifetimes of email storage,” explains Volkman.

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