ZAGGkeys ProPlus For iPad 2/3/4th Gen

The PRO and PROplus are ultra-thin Bluetooth tablet keyboards that boast functionality as well as style. At only .24″ thin, they are designed to perfectly complement the look and convenience of the Apple iPad. And with the durable aluminum shell that protects your screen from scratches, the PRO and PROplus are must-haves for anyone who wants to get the most out of their tablet.

In addition to its convenience and stylish look, the PROplus model has been engineered with customizable backlit keys so you can personalize your typing experience and work in low light areas with ease. Both models boast island-style keys that let you type faster and more naturally to help reduce typos. Specific shortcut keys perform essential typing functions quickly, and the built-in stand holds your iPad at an ideal angle so you can stay focused on your task.

Feature Highlights:
• Engineered with backlit keys
• Ultra-thin aluminum body is only .24″
• Acts as a case and stand
• Island-style keys offer fast, natural typing
• Specific shortcut keys operate essential functions
• Magnetic closure activates your tablet’s sleep/wake function
• Durable aluminum shell helps protect your iPad
• Battery lasts up to three months based on standard usage (NB: Regular use of two hours per day. Using the backlit feature will impact battery life and may require more frequent charging.)

Strategically placed magnets hold your iPad safely as you travel. These same magnets activate your iPad’s sleep/wake function to prolong its battery life. And with a powerful, long lasting battery that performs solidly for up to three months of standard use, you won’t have to worry about the PRO or PROplus losing its charge in the middle of something important.

An ultra-thin, lightweight design compliments your iPad’s style while maintaining its portability. Island-style keys provide a faster, more natural typing experience to help reduce typos. A built-in stand positions your iPad at the perfect angle for any activity.

Tech Specs PROplus for iPad 2, 3, or 4:
• Length: 7.4 inches (189mm)
• Width: 9.64 inches (245mm)
• Depth: 0.24 inches (7mm)
• Weight: 15.3 ounces (434 grams)
• Battery Type: Bluetooth keyboard uses a 510 mAh rechargeable lithium polymer battery.
• Battery Duration: Battery will last several months of normal use without charging.

Works with Apple iPad 2, 3, or 4.


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