Apple, Samsung Reportedly Both Developing 12-Inch Tablets

Digitimes’ Aaron Lee and Joseph Tsai report that Apple and Samsung Electronics are said to both be planning to release 12-inch tablets, and that Apple is currently cooperating with Quanta Computer on the project, while Samsung is developing its 12-inch tablet product in house, according to unnamed sources in the upstream supply chain, and that in addition to the 12-inch tablet product, longtime Apple ODM. Quanta will also be a supplier of Apple’s iWatch.

Lee and Tsai also say Samsung had originally hoped to partner with Google on its 12-inch tablet project, but that Google has decided to concentrate most of its focus on 7-inch tablet products for now. They suggest that with Apple and Samsung’s entries, the large-size tablet market is expected to see increasing demand, but that their sources are also apprehensive that that large-size tablets from these major players will furthermore negatively impact notebook demand, and that many brand vendors are developing 18-inch convertible all-in-one PCs, trying to get a leg up on the really the large-size tablet market.

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