Chart: iPad Value Decline From NextWorth

With every announcement of a new Apple device, serial upgraders begin selling off their previous models – driving down the resale value. So, with the Oct. 22 Apple announcement date approaching, traders-in need to consider dumping those older iPad models sooner rather than later., a specialist in electronics trade-ins and upgrades, has seen an increase in iPad trades since the announcement date was revealed.

“In a week-over-week comparison, we’ve seen a 220 percent increase in iPad trade-in quotes from the week of Oct. 1 to the week of Oct. 8,” said Jeff Trachsel, CMO of NextWorth.

To help visualize the typical price decline that comes with every new Apple device announcement, NextWorth has put together a chart showing the effects the iPad Retina’s announcement and availability had on consumer trade-in values.

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