New Poll: Apple ‘Has Oversold Siri’ Say 46% of Americans

According to a poll of over 2000 American consumers by speech technology experts Intelligent Voice, 46% of Americans think that the voice recognition capabilities of Apple’s intelligent personal assistant for its iOS applications has been “oversold”.

Siri’s accuracy is rated as “Hit or Miss” or worse by 44% of respondents, and mere 12.7% rate Siri as “Extremely accurate.”

Full results can be found at:

Siri Background

Originally, Siri was an approved app for iOS sold in the Apple stores. After Apple acquired Siri Incorporated, they restricted the use of this app exclusively for devices on the Apple platform. Apple now supports Siri as an integral part of the iOS system and iPhone 4S was the first device that supported it. Later on, the app became part of the third generation iPad, iPhone5, iPhone 5C, 5S, the fourth generation iPad, the fifth generation iPod Touch and the iPad Mini. Siri integrates with services like OpenTable, TaxiMagic, MovieTickets and Google Maps using the voice recognition technology to simplify their commands on the iOS devices.

“Voice Recognition is an emerging technology that’s been emerging for 30 years,” says Intelligent Voice CTO Nigel Cannings. “We need to be careful that we sell what is possible, and it seems we’re not doing that. ‘Star Trek’ communication with computers is still a long way off. “With the release of iOS 7, Apple has dropped the ‘Beta’ tag for Siri, but the need for an Internet connection as well as issues with transcription do leave open to question whether that was a wise idea.”

Intelligent Voice is part of Chase Information Technology Services Limited, a London-based software firm with over 20 years’ experience of delivering mission critical transaction processing systems in the financial services industry, including to several of the world’s top 20 insurers. Chase specialises in voice recognition and text analysis systems that allow companies to understand their businesses better. For further information about Intelligent Voice, visit:

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