Foxconn Working On 12.9-inch Apple iPad For Launch In March 2014 – Chinese Report

The Chinese-Language PadNews Website reports that early as a few months ago, rumors have bees swirling that Apple is planning to launch a new 12.9-inch iPad tablet computer to be called the iPad maxi. They note that recently the “flat Horizons” learned from Foxconn that Apple really has a 12.9-inch large screen that’s being tested Foxconn, currently undergoing the UI prototype debugging, toward making it possible to put into production, with probable release in March of next year. PadNews say they cannot determine the accuracy of the source, and that they’ve also had news that the large size of iPad screen will be 11.4 inches.

PadNews cites a report by “major research institutions” that the large-size tablet PC market next year will have a larger growth, mainly because of Microsoft’s Surface tablet and Intel solutions driven tablet notebook combo products. And in the future, crossover integration is a trend that many brands – now tablet makers – are pushing, notwithstanding that in the current market, the dominant trend has been in 5 to 7-inch tablet phone (“phablet”) integration.

They note that some will contend that with 11.6 and 13.3-inch Macbook Airs, there’s no need of a larger size iPad, but Apple may launch a large-sized tablet to hedge the impact of other large-size slates, perhaps as a hybrid equipped with a keyboard in order to achieve crossover functionality

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