“Desktop-Class” iPad Air Hype Only Slight Exaggeration

Blogger Fraser Spiers says he’d been looking forward to an iPad upgrade for a while, and his new device is a white 128GB 4G iPad Air. He says the difference between his new Air and his previous iPad 3rd-generation is like night and day, and that the major story about the iPad Air is not the reduction in size and weight but the increase in performance, makingt it “simply, an utter delight to use.”

He says that compared with his former late-2010 11″ MacBook Air, his iPad Air is faster, has the same amount of storage, gets at least twice the battery life, tips the scales at less than half the weight, cost 65% of the price of the MacBook Air and has integrated cellular networking.

Spiers notes that Apple’s line on the A7 processor has been to call it “desktop-class,” and he affirms that they’re not overstating it by much.

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