Mac Image Editor Pixelmator Plays David To Adobe’s Goliath

With Adobe, Inc. having migrated its category-defining Photoshop bitmap image editor software and the rest of its erstwhile Creative Suite applications to a subscription-only Cloud service costing 50 bucks a month, an awful lot of Photoshop users are looking into alternatives. For many, that will be the Dalide brothers’ very affordable $29.95 Pixelmator software

Appleinsider’s Shane Cole says what began as a spark of inspiration between two brothers has grown into one of the most popular image editing applications in the world, and the team that brought it to life has done so from one of the software industry’s least likely locations, noting that it’s difficult to find a way to work Vilnius, Lithuania and San Jose, California into the same sentence, but the connection becomes much easier to make when the topic of conversation shifts to image editing apps for the Mac – San Jose being home to software behemoth Adobe, makers of seminal graphics program Photoshop, while Vilnius houses the small band of developers responsible for upstart editor Pixelmator, whose slick interface, ease of use, and relatively low price have helped it nudge Photoshop out of the dock on hundreds of thousands of Macs.

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