DEVONtechnologies Free XMenu 1.9.6 Brings Back A Cool Mac OS Classic Feature

This week, DEVONtechnologies, LLC released maintenance updates for three of theit freeware apps: the find-file utility EasyFind, the image converter ThumbsUp, and XMenu, which adds customizable menus to the menu bar, an interface feature many of us who worked with the Classic Mac OS back in the day remember fondly, and wish Apple hadn’t dumped in favor of the Dock in OS X.

XMenu adds customizable global Finder directory menus to the right side of the OS X Finder menu bar, giving you one-click you access to installed applications, documents, text snippets, or almost anything you fancy. Launch any application with a single menu choice or insert text snippets into your documents. XMenu is a real app, no hack, no extension.

XMenu 1.9.6 adapts the menu handling to OS X 10.9 Mavericks and supports the new way additional developer software comes with Xcode 4 or later, as well as bugfixing some fix minor issues.

“We love the Mac and the Mac user community. Apps like EasyFind, ThumbsUp, or XMenu are our way to say thank you for your long-standing support! Of course we’ll continue to offer them for free and update them when necessary,” comments DEVONtechnologies President Eric Bhnisch-Volkmann.

XMenu is freeware.

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