The Enquirer Posts iPad Air vs iPad 4 Head To Head Review – Worth Upgrading?

The Enquirer’s Carly Page notes that Apple clearly is hoping that its refreshed iPad Air design along with the promise of more processing power will lure new customers and entice existing iPad users to upgrade. She takes a look at whether the iPad Air is worth upgrading from the iPad 4.

She says that after using the iPad Air for over a week, she’s been shocked at how different it feels compared with Apple’s previous generation tablets, noting that it’s comfortable to hold over long periods of time, sits nicely in a bag without weighing down your shoulder, and perhaps most importantly, won’t leave any nasty bruises if you drop it on your face while reading in bed.

Ms. Page observes that iOS 7 runs much better on the iPad Air than on the iPad 4, – apps opened quicker and games performed more smoothly (which begs the question how Apple manages to flog any iPad 2s and first-generation iPad minis, which are much slower than an iPad 4, running iOS 7, which has pretty much annihilated my iPad 2’s former status as a slick, quick, smooth performer, transforming it into a crash-prone slug – CM)

Ms. Page concludes that the iPad Air is indeed worth the upgrade from the iPad 4, which implies that it’s a no-nrainer for those of us with older, even slower iPads.

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