A Month With The iPad Air: The Best Yet, But Still No PC Replacement

BGR’s Zach Epstein observes that while every new iPad is the best iPad yet, the iPad Air is something more. He’s now spent a month with the iPad Air, upgraded from his third-generation iPad, and says the Air actually feels lighter than the iPad mini since the tablet’s heft is distributed across a much larger device. He notes that he’s always found the iPad’s 9.7-inch display to be much more useful than the 7- and 8-inch screens on tinier tablets [me too, CM] but the fact that smaller slates were also so much lighter gave them an appeal beyond their lower price points. With the iPad Air, he contends that point in small tablets favor is almost completely erased.

Moreover, he observes that the new iPad’s thin aluminum case gives it a look and a feel that are simply unrivaled, with no other tablet on the planet coming close to matching its fit and finish – not even the new iPad mini with Retina display, which he says feels very heavy for its size. He maintains that the iPad Air is noticeably better in every way compared to the fourth-generation model – so much better than the fourth-generation iPad in so many ways that the old model seems antiquated after spending just 60 seconds with the Air.

In Epstein’s estimation, the Air is also a far better buy than the iPad mini with Retina display, with the few benefits that might be afforded by the mini device’s smaller size overshadowed by its steep price – just $100 less than comparable iPad Air models. He also observes [and again your editor agrees, CM.] that the iPad Air is not a device that pushes tablets any closer to satisfactorily replacing PCs for work; it’s still not there as far as most users are concerned. He notes that PCs – OS X or Windows – are still much better equipped to facilitate work, faster, running more complex software, supporting real multitasking rather than just bouncing around between apps, and allowing apps to exchange data far more easily, and to perform any desired task in the background.

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