Is Apple Fixing To Make All Of Its Hardware Devices Disposable?

Blogger Avi Learner notes that while OSX Mavericks is free, it is almost impossible to do a clean install on a machine that is not your own, which affects consultants like him and hinders their ability to provide service for clients.

He observes that from the very first Mac, Apple intended to keep the end user out of the hardware chassis by making it difficult to open without special tools, and pre-OS X Mac operating systems weren’t much better.

But with Mavericks, OS X is adopting many of the characteristics of IOS, which Learner observes that we all know is a COMPLETELY CLOSED OS ENVIRONMENT [emphasis his], and the hardware Apple are building is now essentially disposable, non-repairable (at least by third parties), and orphaned often after a few short years of release (eg: the iPad 1). The U.S. automotive industry used to call this “Planned Obsolescence,” and look what’s happened to them.

“Is Apple the new Microsoft, desperately trying to force the Apple experience into a vertical space, where they control the experience from top to bottom?” Learner asks, “intent upon making all Apple devices disposable like all of the Pepsi bottles are today?”

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