iPad Air Wins Black Friday-Cyber Monday: New Devices Increase by 51%

Localytics’ Dave Hoch notes that according to a recent VentureBeat article, 54% of parents are looking to buy technology gifts this year, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday now behind us, many of the temporary deals that make these two holidays so popular are also expiring.

So, how successful were retailers at selling their mobile devices to the masses? He says that of the many mobile devices that were discounted this past weekend, it appears the iPad Air is a clear winner.

Localytics examined the weekly growth during the Black Friday weekend, as compared to the previous weekend’s finding, a whopping 51% more new iPad Air devices were seen than in the previous week. Hoch expl,ans that this was due to a combination of factors, including Apple’s promotion of giving gift cards with purchases of the iPad Air and iPad Mini (but not iPad Mini 2nd gen) devices. That, combined with a smaller base of iPad Air devices and the novelty of the iPad Air (released on November 1st) resulted in the iPad Air dominating on Black Friday weekend. Surprisingly, Apple’s older iPad Mini model finished second (Who knew? Low ball pricing reels them in, Ed.), and the iPhone 5c took third. As previously reported by Localytics, the iPhone 5c is gaining on its more sophisticated cousin, the 5s, during the past couple months.

Hoch concludes that as Tim Cook predicted, its really looking like an iPad Christmas.

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