Doing Real Work With The iPad

ZNet’s James Kendrick observes that 2013 has seen the tablet explode, fueled by the appearance of many models running Windows 8. The iPad mini arrived on the scene in October, 2012 followed by the iPad Air a year later, both of which kept Apple’s tablets front and center. And with PC sales dropping into a tech sinkhole, the tablet has assumed a bigger role in both work and play for many.

Kendrick says he’s long used tablets in his work, both with and without keyboards, but as someone who makes a living with his writing, the keyboard is an important accessory. (Editor’s note: not for everyone who uses the iPad for professional writing. I use my iPad for more than 50 percent of my drafting and composition, and while I do have a Bluetooth keyboard and a keyboard case, I very rarely use either, and get along quite well with the onscreen virtual keyboard, especially the enhanced keyboards of Scriptus, Textkraft, and Easy Writer. Ed.)

However, Kendrick reports that in 2013 he’s written over 250,000 words on his iPads with keyboard attached – a lot of writing, and he says he hasn’t regretted a single word. Most of that work in 2013 was performed with a previous generation iPad, followed more recently with an iPad Air.

Kendrick notes that Evernote (free) is the app he uses more than any other – a place tostash reference material for later access, and is primary editor for writing articles. It is cross-platform so it’s on every tablet, laptop, and phone he uses. I can read reference material on his phone when time permits and write on the iPad or other tablet when the time is right. He says he write’s better on his iPad setup than on any other, finding it even better than his expensive MacBook Pro for writing.

Your editor wouldn’t give it quite that enthusiastic a thumbs-up; I still prefer laptops for editing and proofing. but I agree that at the creative end, the iPad has much to recommend it (and I’m still using an iPad 2, although looking forward to upgrading to an iPad Air. Ed.

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