Apple’s Competition: Microsoft And Intel Want Consumers To Choose 2-In-1 Hybrids Over Apple And Android Tablets

CNET’s Brooke Crothers says Microsoft and Intel want you to buy 2-in-1 devices in 2014, but he’s still uncertain about the category, having been checking out Dell’s Venue 11 Pro, a Windows 8.1 tablet with a10.8-inch screen designed to be used with two detachable Dell keyboards.

Crothers sees the promise but has issues with the practicality.
He observes that Dell has designed a fast, responsive Windows 8.1 tablet with a gorgeous display — a surprisingly smooth performer running on top of Intel’s Bay Trail Atom processor with only 2GB of memory. The 10.8-inch screen is not too small as to be impractical as a high-productivity computer, and it’s not too big. However, Crothers says he’s not sure that for the majority of consumers a detachable screen design has clear, irrefutable benefits over the traditional laptop design.

He notes that the thin and light keyboards have issues when used in laptop mode, and In tablet-only mode, most Windows 8.1 tablets are out-classed by Apple and Android products, and that it’s hard to pick up a 2-pound Surface Pro after using a 0.7-pound iPad Mini Retina or 0.64-pound Nexus 7.

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