Speed Up TenFourFox On Your G3/G4

If you use the excellent TenFourFox browser for reasonably up-to-date Web compatibility on G3 or G4 Power PC Mac hardware, you know that it’s a decent performer that has extended the useful service lives of many older Macs. It’s my go-to browser on my two old G4 upgraded Pismo PowerBooks, and nothing else even comes close to matching it on these old notebooks.

However, Low End Mac’s Simon Royal has posted a collection of browser configuration tips to speed up TenFourFox performance courtesy of Chris Trush. They involve entering the under-the-surface command line environment, but it’s easy and quick following the instructions in the article.

I can’t quantify it scinetifically, but TenFourFox does seem livelier running in OS X 10.4 on the Pismo since making these changes.

You can check it out at:

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