CES: Samsung Hints at New Exynos Rival To Apple’s 64-Bit A7 Chip; Apple And Google In Race For Automotive Space

DigitalTrends’ Andy Boxall reports that Samsung has been tweeting about an updated Exynos mobile device processor it plans to unveil at CES 2014 next week.

Boxall notes that the Exynos processor was prominently featured in Samsung’s CES 2013 presentation, where the eight-core Exynos 5 Octa debuted. So far just teases, but he suggests that at the top of Samsung’s to-do list has to be introduction of a 64-bit challenger to Apples A7 chip, noting that following the A7 announcement, Samsung was quick to point out it was working on something similar, and right now Android is still a 32-bit operating system, unable to make the most of 64-bit architecture.

Google and Apple in Race To Design Auto Dashboard Of The Future: Fanboi Mercs VS Fandroid Audis

In other CES-related news, the Register’s Jasper Hamill notes that Apple and Google are preparing to compete on yet another front, reportedly planning to race each other to design the world’s most powerful smart car dashboard.

Hamill reports that at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show next week, Google isexpected to announce a new development deal with Audi (a division of Volkswagen AG), that will see Mountain View help to design an in car computer system based on Android.

However, Hamill says Apple is already in pole position in automobile space and working with Honda, BMW, and Daimler Group AG’s Mercedes-Benz, and also helped produce the world’s most expensive iPod dock in the form of a Volkswagen iBeetle. App;e’s “iOS in the car” system was introduced in June 2013 and uses Siri to allow hands-free access to iMessages, Maps and iTunes.

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