American Moms Most Likely to Lose Their Smartphone At Someone Else’s House

Kensington 2014 Essentials for Mobile Life Survey Reveals the #1 Place American Moms Most Likely to Lose Their Smartphone: Someone Else’s House. Other top locations include: a car (24%), a child’s bedroom (17%), a store/retail outlet (16%), a school (16%), and a bar (8%).

The nationwide lifestyle survey polled adult parents who use mobile electronic devices and have an on the go lifestyle – a demographic that makes up one third (30%) of America. The research found that women (37%) are more likely than men (24%) to be mobile parents in America, and discovered the #1 item more than two thirds (73%) of mobile moms in America say is most important to get through an average day is a purse/wallet. A smartphone (70%) came in second, followed by a car (69%), keys (68%), and laptop (48%).

Most (81%) mobile moms are even willing to turn their car around and go back for their purse/wallet if they forget it at home — something that, surprisingly, only a little more than half (64%) of mobile moms are willing to do for a child.

Most (88%) mobile moms in America have a smartphone, but the #1 electronic device almost half (46%) rank as most important to simplify their life is a laptop. An iPhone (40%) ranked second among mobile moms, beating out Samsung Galaxy smartphone that only about 2 in 10 (18%) moms named as most important. Additional top choices of gadgets included a Television (37%) and iPad (21%).

Nearly 2 in 10 (17%) mobile moms in American named Facebook as the best way to communicate with children today. 1 in 10 said email (13%), 8% said a video call, and a small segment (2%) named Twitter.

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