Macworld Reviews iPad mini 2 With Retina Display

Macworld’s Karen Haslem notes that when the iPad mini launched in 2012 the choice was simple: thre was the full size iPad with it’s Retina display and faster processor, and the thinner, and crucially, lighter iPad mini. As long as you didn’t mind the smaller screen and the fact that the processor was inferior to the full-sized iPad’s, the mini was a clear choice for anyone put off by the extra bulk of the iPad Air.

In 2014, not so much. Ms. Haslem says that with the launch of the iPad Air and the Retina iPad mini in 2013, you still might think the new iPad mini is the obvious choice if you want small and light. However, now there is in fact much less noticeable difference between the weight of the two models. The iPad Air weighs 469g to the Retina iPad mini’s 331g, and that 138g difference compares to a 184g difference between 2102’s iPad 4 (653g) and the original iPad mini (which at 308g was actually 23g lighter than this year’s model). So, there’s still a weight difference between the two devices, but it’s less pronounced than it was. The real distinction is now the size of the screen. 9.7-inch verses 7.9-inch.

Ms. Haslem notes that the question of which size of iPad is best is best is a tough one to answer because it is really a personal choice based on what is important to you. For me I wouldn’t even consider an iPad mini now with the iPad Air available for only $100 more.

You can read Karen Haslem’s thoroughgoing review og the iPad mini 2 here:

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