Mummify Your iPhone 5c (Or 5s/4S/4) With Loop Attachment Mummy Case

The array of colors introduced by the iPhone 5c provides iPhone users with a much wider livery selection than the limited black, white, and silver heretofore offered on the Apple smartphine their personality through their smartphone. Loop Attachment unveiled its Mummy Cases in a range of shades that compliment the 5c last week at the 2014 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas,.

Functionally protective as well as form-flattering, the Mummy case serves dual purposes. As a silicone wrap-style case, the Mummy envelops the sides of the iPhone to frame the screen, while six overlapping, angled bands span the back of the device. A credit card can easily be slipped underneath the bands of the Mummy case, providing convenient, secure storage for a piece of your most essential plastic.

“Originally, we conceptualized the Mummy case as a piece of art that would bring to light the features of iPhone, particularly the iconic Apple logo, while also serving as its own graphic statement piece,” says Daniel Selden, Chief Technology Officer of Loop Attachment. “The introduction of our iPhone 5c line will inject additional opportunities for expressive pairings of phone and case color tones.”

The Mummy case features a slim profile, lightweight design and easy to grip texture, and is available in a coral, mint, cyan, purple, black and white to complement the hues of the iPhone 5c, and will be sold individually or in a bundle of three colors.

Plastic card storage
Full access to all switches, ports, camera
Impact resistance protection
Slender, lightweight design
Smooth finish repels lint
Easy-to-grip texture

Loop Attachment also offers variants of the Mummy Case for the iPhone 5s, 4S, and 4. All Mummy Cases and Loop watch bands are made with high-grade, stable polymer silicone.
If you have silicone allergies, check out Loop Attachments’ Terms of Service. The Clip is made from ABS Plastic.

The Loop is the central district in Chicago. Loop Attachment is the work of the Loop Groop, a collaboration of creativity and friendship among three proud Chicago natives. They aspire to putting the Windy City on the map as a capital for innovation and smart design, and it was fitting that our their product back in 2011, the Loop Nano — a convertible watchband t ,hat seamlessly transforms the 6th generation iPod Nano into a high-end timepiece — was a nod to the circular train tracks that run around the iconic downtown district.

Mummy Cases sell for $25.00, or $60.00 for a pack of three.

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