Dockem’s iProp “Beanbag Chair” Makes Using Tablets on Any Surface Easier

If you sometimes feel like chucking your iPad or tablet across the room in frustration because the stand you are using keeps falling every time you touch the screen, now, you can save yourself a 100-dollar screen repair, because old-school stands can be a thing of the past. The new iProp by Dockem is a unique, comfortable and versatile computing stand for your iPad, or similarly sized tablet device.

Traditionally, stands have had to be on a horizontal even surface, since otherwise they would collapse unexpectedly. The iProp’s design allows you to conveniently use your tablet hands-free nearly anywhere. The micro-bead filled base of the iProp adjusts to form around your legs or any other surface you sit it on. Finally, you can watch a movie in bed without having to hold your breath out of apprehension that your tablet will topple with the slightest movement. The flexible, yet sturdy iProp won’t fall over just because you moved a finger toward your tablet like many cases with built-in stands have a tendency to do. This makes the iProp the ideal stand for reading, watching movies and playing games when you are not at a table or desk.

The iProp features a durable sports mesh base that is made of breathable and washable polyester as well as a high-grade silicone shelf, about the size of a hand, to ensure the tablet stays in place. Flip the iProp over and it also doubles as a comfortable and portable pillow for those long trips in the car or on planes.

The original Dockem prototype was a duct tape pouch created by company co-founder Chris Moyer when he needed a way to store his cellphone next to his bed in college. Lacking a bedside table, Moyer created a pouch out of the tape and stuck it to the side of his dresser. But, it left a mess to clean up when removed. Knowing there had to be a better way to safely store his phone within easy reach, Moyer developed the idea for the Dockem and the Koala Mount. Dockem is headquartered in East Stroudsburg, PA, and is run by co-founders and brothers, Chris and Colby Moyer.

The iProp is an ideal iPad support solution for anywhere life takes you. Whether you’re presenting in an important meeting, learning how to cook or just want to relax after a long day at the office, the iProp is an accessory you’re going to want for any tablet.

The iProp is available online for $29.95 and comes in silver and black. For more information about the iProp visit:

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