2013 MacBook Air WiFi Problems Persist

TUAW’s John-Michael Bond notes that since its release in June of 2013, the current revision of the MacBook Air has plagued many users with frustrating WiFi issues, and that in a 131-page Support Communities thread started within days of the computer’s release, 2013 Air owners complain of latency issues, dropped packets, dropped network connections and unstable connections. Also, when using two laptops on the same network, Air users are reporting that their 2013 machines get substantially different speeds than other computers connected at the same time.

Bond notes that the affected user community is ng to get restless, and Jeff Geerling of Midwestern Mac has been trying to troubleshoot a permanent solution while he waits for Apple to help.

Bond cites Geerling suggesting that the Air’s WiFi driver and/or Mavericks’ power-saving features might be too aggressive and causing signal strength and stability issues, or perhaps the WiFi antennais too close, or oriented poorly.

In the meantime, he has complied a list of “band-aids” for the issues that may help some users until Apple officially fixes the issues, hopefully with the release of Mac OS X 10.9.2.

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