Want To Shed Your Bifocals? – GlassesOff Launches Its First iPad Specific Product

GlassesOff Inc., a neuroscience technology company aiming to eliminate dependency on reading glasses by enhancing the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain, has released its first iPad dedicated application.

GlassesOff has developed a proprietary, patent-protected technology platform to improve near vision sharpness, by improving the image processing function in the visual cortex of the brain, without changing the optical characteristics of the eye. The GlassesOff product aims to eliminate the dependency on reading glasses of people over the age of 40 who experience natural age-related changes in their near vision sharpness. The GlassesOff product is sold initially as an iPhone/iPad app, and was named one of the top Emerging Breakthroughs in Science and Technology for 2013 by Reader’s Digest Magazine.

GlassesOff claims an over 90% success rate among qualified users, and that at the end of the 10-15 hours of the Pro-Improvement Program, suitable users are expected to achieve image-processing capabilities that do not require the use of a magnifying device, such as reading glasses, and while thry say “practically anyone” can use GlassesOff to improve near vision sharpness by improving the image processing function of the brain, they qualify noting that the brain’s ability to compensate for poor image quality captured by the eyes is not infinite, and consequently, while some people will be able to completely eliminate their dependency on reading glasses by enhancing their brain’s image processing function, others may eliminate this dependency only when reading short texts or in a well-lit environment.

The launch of GlassesOff’s iPad dedicated app comes just a month after the initial launch of its general application for iOS operated devices (iPhone, iPod and iPad) that was optimized for iPhone and iPod screen size.

“GlassesOff’s new iPad version provides a better user experience for those with larger screened devices,” says GlassesOff CEO Nimrod Madar. “This is becoming more and more important as, according to Pew Research Center, in 2013 more than a third of American adults ages 18 and older owned a tablet computer, almost twice as many as a year ago.”

Mr. Madar continues: “Having an iPad specific application is extremely important for GlassesOff due to the prevalence of tablets devices in our target demographic – those aged in their forties and fifties are the highest among all age groups with 49 and 38 per cent respectively owning a tablet device.”

The GlassesOff app uses a single license across devices, allowing consumers to use the application seamlessly across iOS operated devices under a single account and license.

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