IHS Skeptical about iPad Pro Rumors

CNET’s Brooke Crothers reports that market research firm IHS is doubtful about how real a so-called iPad Pro product from Apple is at the moment — notwithstanding Samsung’s recent announcement of a large tablet targeting enterprise users.

A larger iPad with a laptop-size iPad display is rumored to be coming to compete with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 shownthat waas unveiled at January’s Consumer Electronics Show.

However, Crothers cites IHS director of tablet and monitor research Rhoda Alexander noting in a phone interview that: “Some manufacturers over the last six months have received sample quantities of a larger panel. They’re playing around with a product that could possibly be an iPad-related product… with 12.85 inches being one of the [panel] sizes.”

However, Ms. Alexander says IHS is not factoring it into its forecast at the moment, having not seen volume shipments yet of any panels, and questioning how viable the market is for an iPad larger than the current 9.7-inch Air, noting, for examole, that ost of the education market is still using the iPad 2, and that the projected usage model for a large-screen iPad is currently unclear.
I beg to differ about there being no eager market for a professional Apple tablet, especially if it addressed some of the productivity shorcomings of the current iPad/iOS platform, although I agree that an iPad Pro for release next summer or fall is far from a sure thing at this point.

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