Apple’s Security Issues Slide Under the Radar

Last weekend Apple released a software update for its iOS 7 mobile operating system after a potential security risk was unveiled for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users. The update includes a fix for SSL (secure socket layer) connection verification. According to Chicago-based tech expert Karl Volkman of SRV Network, Inc., the security issue is extremely exploitable and users should update their devices as soon as possible on a secure, trusted network.

“I am amazed at how low key this announcement was for Apple. The vulnerability is far reaching and affects iOS and MacOS, yet the publicity was mild,” says Volkman. “An insecure SSL connection could allow a cyber attacker to intercept email messages and then alter them to take control of your system. It’s a very serious security concern that Apple is successfully minimizing to control their image.”

Mr. Volkman continues to explain that while Apple is known for being an invincible brand of products, in today’s high tech world no device is invulnerable. “Any computing device that is on the Internet is susceptible of being attacked. Users must be vigilant with updates and safe computing practices,” says Volkman.

Karl Volkman is Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, an an IT Professional with over 30 years of experience. SRV Network, Inc. is Microsoft Gold Certified partner that offers a variety of IT services, including a variety of flexible service packages that meet any client requirement, from as-needed technical help to intensive, regular on-site work. They work with all technology platforms and have a broad expertise in a wide variety of technology solutions. They specialize in Network Design and Implementation, Network Maintenance and Monitoring, Disaster Recovery and Prevention and IP Telephony.

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