Can a Device Be Wearable and Repairable?

iFixIt’s Andrew notes that after several years of dissecting hardware on the teardown table, a device rarely surprises the iFixIt team, but the Samsung Gear 2 is such a device.

He notes that Samsung did a masterful job in designing the Gear 2. The watch is well-thought-out, both inside and out. If stuff breaks, folks will be able to fix it. If stuff doesn’t — well, they can just look at its pretty face.

Equipped with screws and a snap-off rear case, the Gear 2 is a sturdy device you won’t need to baby, or feel guilty about buying. When the battery fails, you can open it up and drop in a replacement, extending its useful life far beyond its trendiness. The Gear 2 earns an impressive 8 out of 10 on our repairometers for letting you keep it alive long after smartwatches become passé.

One could hope that Apple’s smartwatch will be as tractable to deal with, but given the history that would be over-optimistic. Hopefully they’ll surprise us.

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