Why The Boundaries Between Computer And Television Are Blurring

Television has vastly changed in the last several years. From DVR to Netflix Streaming to On Demand, people have more freedom and more options than ever when they want to tune into their favorite programs. And, the industry only continues to change and improve.

Tech expert Karl Volkman, Chief Technology Officer of SRV Network, Inc. in Chicago, Illinois, says that, “From Android TV to Amazon Fire, millions of people are now watching television on their computers, tablets and smartphones. Now, Yahoo is getting into the game and creating their own television programming, much like what Netflix did. They have enjoyed great success with their own shows such as Orange is the New Black and House of Cards, and it’s clear that there is a huge untapped market of viewers who want to access quality T.V. on their devices.”

“Although the market is vast,” Volkman continues, “the technology has to be up to speed and able to meet high demands. Fans were none too pleased when HBO Go crashed during the season premiere of Game of Thrones on Sunday night, and these are the types of concerns that have many people hesitant to give up their cable box. However, if Yahoo, Google and Amazon can make their T.V. programs as high-tech and reliable as their other offerings, this new type of cable platform will likely replace traditional televisions completely in the future.”

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