Microsoft Word For iPad A Flop With Users

V3’s Dan Worth reports that Microsoft’s much ballyhooed Word app for iPad has largely bombed with users over the first month of its release, garnering an average user rating of just two and a half stars in more than 1,000 reviews, and that of 1,028 user ratings for the Word app on iTunes, 500 gave is a meagre one star, compared with with 303 five-star reviews.

Worth notes that predictably, a major factor cited in negative reviews is that in order for the “free” Word app to be more than a passive document reader requires a full Office 365 subscription which will set you back a hundred bucks a year. Lack of printer support from within the app was another complaint.

I’m not surprised. There are plenty of altrernative word processor solutions for the iPad that really are free, or at least reasonably-priced and don’t demand a yearly rental fee.

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