RamDisk from Power APP Makes Your Mac up to 40 Times Faster And Your SSD Last Longer

Swiss developer Power APP has announced the release of RamDisk for Mac OS, a new utility that is claimed to be able to speed up a Mac up to 40 times, and increase the lifetime of a Solid State Disk. RamDisk creates a virtual drive using the Mac’s RAM. This virtual drive can be treated like any drive on the Mac – files and data can be stored, and applications can be installed and run on that drive. An image of this drive is stored on the SSD or hard disk of the Mac when it is shut down, and it is re-read at the next start up.

Power APP recommends using RamDisk for two types of applications:
1) Application that make extensive use of the SSD, executing a lot of writing cycles.
2) Applications where speed is important, that make you wait during completing a task.

Solid State Drives (SSD) are faster than conventional hard disks — their mechanical counterpart, but since they are using flash memory for data storage, they have a limitation to the maximal number of possible write cycles. While this limitation is a fairly high number, some applications are shuffling data on the hard disk, and this process becomes more intensive as lower as the free space on the drive is. That means an increased number of writing cycles, which also means a decreased lifespan of the SSD.

According to Power APP’s General Manager, Christian Schaffner, they developed RamDisk for internal use after killing several SSD before their expected lifespan. “We are using a bunch of MacBooks for several purposes, like iOS app development and picture editing. For better performance our MacBooks are equipped with SSD. And some of these SSD were dead way faster than we expected. We decided then to move the load away from the SSD to the RAM by creating a virtual drive in the RAM, installing applications directly in this virtual drive. This has two effects: Data shuffling is happening in the RAM and not on the SSD, increasing the speed drastically. Writing cycles on the SSD are heavily reduced, which increases the lifespan of the SSD. Now that we have been using RamDisk for ourself without problems we decided that this tool is ready to be sold.”

* Create / remove Ram Disk easily
* You can specific size, name
* Auto-Mount Ram Disk Function in program startup.
* Booting Mac faster than from SSD
* Generating temporary folders
* Increase the lifetime of the SSD
* Configure up to 75% of your available RAM to a RAM Disk
* Create Snapshot Images of your Ram Disk configuration
* Configure Start Up and Shut Down Options
* Configurable auto save
* Choose individual names for the Ram Disk

RamDisk for Mac OS is available for $8.99 (USD) and works on OS X 10.6 or newer. It is sold exclusively at Power APP online, two links are available for either direct download or having sent it via e-mail.

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