Pocket Mariner’s SeaNav App Sets Sail On The Mac

Pocket Mariner has launched the Mac OS version of its popular SeaNav charting and navigation app. With SeaNav, Mac-using boaters can explore, plan and navigate their trips in real-time. Sailors using SeaNav on their Macs will enjoy plotting their courses using full color high-resolution graphics of the latest NOAA ENC Digital Vector Marine charts covering the USA, including the Great Lakes.

SeaNav brings 21st century marine navigation to the Mac, enabling sailors to plot courses easily and smartly and helping make quicker and better informed decisions. The app uses the latest Digital Vector charts, which provide a wealth of benefits and advantages over raster charts. Details, distance and bearings of buoys, lights, bridges, depth contours, depth soundings, rocks, anchorage areas, NOAA weather buoys and other boats are just a mouse click away. Other useful information easily accessible in SeaNav includes tides, moon and sun times and weather.

Users can also connect a GPS unit to their Macs and watch as their boats move along in real-time on the chart and check SeaNav’s Sailing HUD for their current position, Course Over Ground (COG), Speed Over Ground (SOG), Vector Made Good (VMG), Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA), Distance and bearing to next Waypoint. The app produces an alert when the vessel reaches each waypoint, plus provides auto-routing to the next waypoint. SeaNav supports external GPS via USB, Bluetooth and Wifi. SeaNav shows ship positions via Pocket Mariner’s real-time worldwide internet AIS feed. SeaNav can also display AIS data from an onboard VHF AIS device via serial or WiFi.

A GPS is not required to work with SeaNav’s charts. Once a course is plotted on the Mac, it can also be taken out to sea by sharing it with the mobile version of SeaNav on iPhone or iPad. Using SeaNav for Mac in conjunction with the iOS version creates the perfect marriage of large-screen route planning and ‘on-the-go’ usage on a mobile device.

Device Requirements:
* OS X 10.9 or later
* 9.0 MB

SeaNav 1.0.1 for Mac is available from the Mac App Store in the Travel category for $19.99 (USD). The US version for iPhone and iPad is available for $9.99. A free version for iOS is also available, with charts for the USA and Europe available via In-app Purchase.

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