Report: Safari captures 26% of Web Browser Usage, Pummels Firefox + IE, But Not Chrome

The Shareaholic Browser Share Report’s Danny Wong says that last October, they noted Chrome’s ascent to become the industry’s clear market leader. Since then, yhey’ve continued to track the different browsers that web users — 250+ million of ‘em — use when they visit Shareaholic’s network of 200,000-plus publishers.

Shareaholic’s latest Browser Share Report takes a look at how widely used each of the top 8 browsers are among visitors to their network sites, and for this study, Shareaholic tracked 200,000-plus sites reaching more than 250 million unique monthly visitors over eight
months (Sept 2013 – Apr 2014).

Highlights from the report include:

• Among the top four, Chrome still maintains the highest share (~35%), while Safari comes in second (~26% when combined with Safari in-app usage). IE is in third (12.49%), followed by Firefox (11.94%)

• The biggest gainers were Android usage of which grew ~43%. Safari in-app’s market share exploded ~121%

• The biggest losers were IE, whose usage shrunk ~20%, while Firefox’s share shrunk ~28%.

• Opera cannibalized its own share since while Opera Mini usage grew, Opera’s desktop usage shrunk.

For the full report, visit here:

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