Typinator 6 Text Expander With More Than 50 Improvements

Ergonis Software has announced Typinator 6.0, a major new release its text expander for OS X. Typinator 6 adds more than 50 new features and improvements, this leading role is being impressively underlined. Unique support for regular expressions, speed, robustness, and ease-of use, make Typinator a formidable competitor in its field.

The biggest innovation in Typinator 6 is the possibility to create expansions based on regular expressions. This is an extremely powerful feature that opens the door to revolutionary uses that were previously impossible with Typinator (as well as any other text expansion utility). There are tons of great use cases.

The new HTML expansions are not just text expansions that happen to contain HTML code, but rather a distinct expansion format that can be described in HTML. HTML expansions are most useful for mail applications that support rich text messages, such as Apple Mail, Microsoft Outlook, Airmail, Thunderbird, as well as many web-based mail services like iCloud Mail and Gmail.

The changes do not only affect big “power features”, but also many places in the user interface of Typinator. For example, the sets and rules are now visible side by side, which makes it easier to move rules and makes the meaning of the buttons below the lists clearer. The expansion area can be resized, the Typinator menu is shorter and has a clearer structure, the wording of many messages and labels has been revised to improve the comprehensibility, and much more.

Typinator offers a reasonable number of clean concepts that form the foundation for “customizable features”. As a consequence, sophisticated features do not bloat the user interface but can be added by means of predefined sets. And the features can be combined with each other in arbitrary ways, which opens the door to revolutionary use cases without complicating the user interface. For example, regular expressions can be combined with Typinator’s built-in calculator to perform inline calculations of formulas as you type.

Typinator comes with built-in sets that provide these functions right out of the box, like a list of built-in predefined sets, like autocorrection for English, German, and French, DOuble CApitals correction, auto-capitalize sentences, subscripts, superscripts, inline calculation, clipboard conversion, a HTML snippets set with over 100 abbreviations for elements of the HTML standard, and more. A steadily increasing list of further sets can be downloaded free of charge from Ergonis Software’s web site.

“We are particularly proud that we managed to make Typinator 6 much more powerful than ever without increasing the complexity of the user interface. Instead of adding dozens of new adjustments to Typinator’s preferences and menus, we designed new concepts that can serve many purposes. For example, Typinator can now automatically correct DOuble CAps as well as capitalize the first letters of sentences,” says Gunther Blaschek, CTO of Ergonis Software. “But these are not separate features, but have become possible with the addition of regular expressions. You don’t even need to learn how to write regular expressions, because Typinator comes with predefined sets that already perform these translations for you.”

Typinator boosts your productivity by automating the process of inserting frequently used text and auto-correcting typing errors. Across all applications, it detects specific sequences of typed characters and automatically replaces them with text snippets, graphics, URLs, dates and special characters.

System Requirements:
Typinator 6.0 requires Mac OS X 10.5.8 or newer and is compatible with OS X Mavericks. (The usage of regular expressions requires Mac OS X 10.7 or newer.) Typinator 6.0 is a recommended upgrade for all users running on OS X Mavericks.

Typinator can be purchased securely on the Ergonis Software website. The upgrade to Typinator 6 is free for anyone who purchased a license for Typinator 5 on or after October 1st 2013. Upgrade paths are available for customers who purchased their license before October 1st 2013. All customers who purchase an upgrade or a new license for Typinator now, will get all subsequent 6.x updates for free. For information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers, see the company’s web site. See the company’s web site for information about purchases, including enterprise licenses, volume discounts, and upgrade pricing offers.

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