Infovole Text Processors Easy Writer + And Textkraft English Offered Free & Half-Price Respectively 4th of July Weekend

Infovole have some of their excellent iPad text processor apps are on sale during the 4th of July weekend. The discount starts this Thursday and ends on Sunday.

Easy Writer + is free of charge (it normally costs $0,99)

Textkraft English (pro version of EasyWriter+) is 50% off (Price drop from $3,99 to $1,99)

Textkraft is my go-to app for most composition on the iPad, and offers a raft of powerful, useful tools (such as a forward delete key and case-change button) that you don’t get with most text apps.

However, Easy Writer is no slouch features-wise either, and with this offer you can get a taste of what these apps can do for free.

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