Tablets Sales Will Overtake PCs in 2015 – Report

The Telegraph’s Sophie Curtis notes that tablet computers have been growing in popularity since Apple launched the Pad in 2010, and less than five years later the number of tablets shipped worldwide is set to overtake the number of PCs for the first time.

Ms. Curtis cites analysts predictions that in 2015, 321 million tablets and will ship worldwide, up from 256 million in 2014. By contrast, 317 million PCs (including desktops, notebooks and ‘ultramobile’ devices) will ship in 2015, down from 308 million in 2014.

Of course, the categories are blurring with machines like Microsoft’s Surface Pro tablet PCs and various laptop/tablet hybrids, and it also remains to be seen how Apple’s iPhone 6 and otherlarger-screen smartphone “phablets” affect tablet sales

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