Files-Finder Edition 1.0 app Brings Finder/Explorer-Like Functionality To iPad UI

Appsicum’s Files Finder App is designed for iPad users who miss the functionality of the OS X Finder and Windows’ Explorer on their tablet. Files-Finder Edition App is a complete tool having rich features like finder and explorer and have complete media editing capabilities.

‘Files-Finder Edition is a file manager and document viewer for iPad which emulates some of the features of both Finder and Explorer, including the interface and usability of Finder or Explorer in a complete file/media organization tool with document and Excel editing support.


* App has good old Finder-like interface with gesture controls and touchscreen optimization

*Supports almost all file types including Doc, Docx, RTF, TXT, PNG, JPEG, MP4, MOV, PDF, Web Pages, WAV, 3GP, Zip, and more

* Built-in file previewer for most of the file types.

* You can sync your files on cloud networks such as Google Drive, Dropbox and Sugarsync in the same interface.

* Edit Documents like Excel and other files using Google Drive right in to app.

* Create custom shortcuts for files you frequently use.

* Create filters and save as shortcut for easy access. Feature works as search folder in Microsoft Outlook.

* Functional Address/Breadcrumb bar for quick navigation.

* In-built browser with pre-loaded bookmarks and file download Manager.

* You can lock your important files and folders for security.

* Browser’s search function is integrated with Twitter, Wikipedia and Dictionary along with Google. Type a word in the browser address bar and search directly on Google, Wiki, Dictionary and Twitter.

* You can search and filter your files based on:
-File Types
-File Size

* Sort files on multiple sorting parameters at once instead of sorting them on just name or size or other parameters.

* You can create voice notes with this file manager app.

* Download Manager is equipped with background File download support.

* Share Files Over Wifi with password protection mode enabled.

* You can categorize items like Microsoft Outlook.

* Gesture based copy/move/paste.

* Built-in Zip creation and extraction.

* Share files via email, Facebook, Twitter and many more.

* Air Print Support to print files over WiFI.

* Tags support for easy filtering.

* Desktop-like status bar.


1) The app has a higher Apple Store rating because it has a browser. The app doesn’t offer any age restricted material and the rating in question is just to meet the Apple guidelines due to the app having a browser.

2) As per the Apple iOS Security Architecture, an app can not access the iPad’s file system directly or media/files/docs that are stored in other apps. Thus Files – Finder Edition can’t access files stored in other apps.

System Requirements:
– Requires iOS 5.0 or later.
– Compatible with iPad.

Files Finder Edition sells for $5.99

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