Sapphire Screen “Most Wanted” iPhone 6 New Feature – Survey

According to the ‘ iPhone Most Wanted Survey’ — a representative survey of 1,000 U.S. smartphone users conducted by used iPhone marketplace — close to half of all smartphone users say they are most excited about a rumored ‘Sapphire Screen’ that is especially difficult to scratch or crack.

Survey findings include:

(Percentage of respondents most wanting each feature shown in parenthesis):

1. New ‘Sapphire Screen’ that is hard to scratch and crack (45.5%)
2. Infrared camera to see in the dark (19.2%)
3. New tools to monitor your health and fitness (10.7%)
4. Ability to show 3D images (9.5%)
5. New tools to control your home appliances (7.7%)

Additionally, asked respondents about which incremental iPhone improvement they would want most in an iPhone 6:

(Percentage of respondents most wanting each improvement shown in parenthesis):

1. Improved battery life (37%)
2. Bigger screen (19.2%)
3. Better camera (11%)
4. Better phone reception (11%)
5. More memory (10%)

Other interesting findings include:

* Even though a bigger screen is a much talked about iPhone improvement, nearly twice as many people consider improved battery life to be more important.

* 50% of iPhone and Android users combined would chuck their old phones for the new iPhone 6 if the phone includes the Sapphire Screen.

This USell infographic takes a fascinating look at the iPhone’s evolution:

Evolution through 7 Years of iPhone Launches

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