Apple’s Newer iPhones and iPads Fail Almost Twice as Much as Android Devices – Report

Global provider of mobile device diagnostics and secure data erasure solutions Blancco Technology Group’s Q3 2016 State of Mobile Device Performance & Health Report points to crashing apps and overheating as big annoyances for iOS Users, especially with Pokemon GO app highly prone to crashes

With Apple and Android waged in perpetual rivalry for smartphone market share every quarter, Blancco says device performance can often play a role in shaping the final results. According to the report, Apple has once again lost the performance battle to Android with its iPhones and iPads failing at a rate of 62 percent worldwide, compared to the 47 percent failure rate of Android devices.

On July 6, 2016, the augmented reality game Pokemon GO was released in North America, Australia and New Zealand. Within days of its launch, the game became an overnight sensation. Data from SensorTower estimates that the average iPhone user spends 33 minutes in Pokemon GO, which is more than Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter and Instagram. But users’ obsession with the game also caused the app to crash frequently and the server to go down for many users. This is supported by Blancco’s Q3 2016 mobile diagnostics data, which found that the Pokemon GO app was highly prone to crash on iOS devices (5 percent).

“Our data suggests that the problems resulting from playing Pokemon GO were not only limited to iOS users,” comments Richard Stiennon, Chief Strategy Officer of Blancco Technology Group. “Battery charging ranked in the list of the top five performance issues plaguing Android devices in Q3 2016. Since users must keep both their device screen and GPS on in order to play the virtual reality game, both of these functions are known to drain the devices battery charge.”

Key highlights from the Q3 2016 trend report include:

• Newer iPhone and iPad models struggled with higher failure rates, including iPhone 6 (13 percent), iPhone 6S (9 percent), iPhone 5S (9 percent) and iPad Air 2 (2 percent).
Apps crashed on 65 percent of iOS devices, which is nearly triple the rate of crashing apps on Android devices (25 percent).
Pokemon GO app ranked as one of the most instable iOS apps (5 percent), while the Google Play Services app crashed frequently (10 percent) on Android devices.

• LeEcos Le 2 had the highest failure rate (13 percent) among the failing Android devices, followed by Xiaomis Redmi 3S (9 percent), Xiaomis Redmi Note 3 (9 percent), Samsungs Galaxy S7 Edge (5 percent) and Lenovos Vibe K5 Note (4 percent).

• Android users worldwide experienced repeated difficulties with their devices battery charging (7 percent) and screens (6 percent).
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Blancco Technology Group is headquartered in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States, with a distributed workforce and customer base across the globe.

Source: Blancco Technology Group

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