Twenty-Five New Printers Achieve IPP Everywhere Certification, Supporting Instant, On-the-Go Printing from Laptops, Phones and Tablets

The IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG) has announced that 25 new printers have achieved IPP Everywhere certification. IPP Everywhere enables network printing using a single universal set of software, without requiring any vendor-specific drivers to expose all printer features and functionality.

IPP Everywhere enables printing on all forms of mobile devices, including laptops, phones and tablets. IPP Everywhere printers can be easily discovered and immediately used. This removes a major hassle associated with printing from hotels, meeting centers and elsewhere. Ninety-eight percent of recent network printers support Internet Printing Protocol [PWG 5100.12-2015], which is the core technology underlying IPP Everywhere [PWG 5100.14-2013].

IPP Everywhere Certified printers may be identified by the PWG’s “IPP Everywhere” trademark logo, available here:

The first IPP Everywhere certified printers, listed here, are from HP Inc. and include mobile and office printers. Other PWG member printer vendors are expected to announce additional IPP Everywhere certified printers in coming months.

The PWG is a program of the IEEE Industry Standards and Technology Organization (ISTO). Members include printer manufacturers, print server developers, operating system vendors, network software developers, network connectivity vendors, and print management application providers.

Additional resources:

PWG IPP Everywhere Info Portal:

PWG 5100.12-2015:
For more information, visit

PWG 5100.14-2013:

Source: IEEE-ISTO Printer Working Group (PWG)

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