Free Combo Cleaner Keeps Macs Running Clean and Free of Viruses and Malware

Lithuanian development team RCS Software has announced Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer 1.0.6, their comprehensive antivirus and system optimization application for macOS. By using Combo Cleaner, Mac users can keep their systems free from viruses and malware, clean their system of junk and obsolete files, discover large files taking up precious hard drive space, find duplicate files, and more.

RCS Software notes that Combo Cleaner offers easy-to-use utilities, all of which are accessible from an easy to understand and straightforward interface. With just a few clicks of the mouse, anyone can scan their Mac for harmful viruses, clean the hard drive of junk & duplicate files, and protect their privacy by removing cookies and other tracking data. Each procedure is easy to initiate, and the app keeps users completely informed every step of the way. The app also keeps users informed of the amount of their Mac’s free disk space & memory, as well as the system’s CPU load, all via easy to read gauges.

Combo Cleaner is an all-around system optimization program, but RCS Software says its Antivirus features are where the app shines. By allowing users to quickly scan their Mac for both Mac and Windows viruses, malware, and adware, the app helps users keep their Mac free of issues that can be carried along with email attachments, file sharing, and other possible ways for viruses to weasel their way onto the Mac.

“It was long believed that the Mac operating system was mostly immune to the plague of viruses that Windows machines face daily. However, as Macs have seen wider use, they have become a more attractive target for virus developers and their kin,” says RCS Software CEO Tomas Meskauskas. “Combo Cleaner is constantly updated, to keep up with the latest virus and malware threats facing the computing world at large, ensuring Mac users won’t be caught defenseless!”

Combo Cleaner’s antivirus features offer Mac users the ability to quickly scan commonly infected areas of their machine, such as downloaded files, email attachments, and other carriers of viruses and malware. Also available is a Full Scan option that scans every file and folder on a Mac’s hard drive, offering peace of mind to users that their Mac is clean of viruses that can seemingly attack from nowhere. A Custom Scan option allows users to specify which files and folders are to be scanned, allowing them to customize their protection.

Combo Cleaner keeps users informed of their protection status. The app clearly shows the date and time of the last virus scan, when the virus signatures were last updated, and the number of virus signatures the app currently checks for. (At last count, the app checks for over 7,673,000 variations of viruses and malware.)

While Combo Cleaner is free to download in the Mac App Store, it also offers a premium subscription option, which enables several additional features. Subscriptions are available via a convenient in-app purchase. Pricing is $2.99 Monthly, $14.99 Half-yearly, and $25.99 Yearly.

The Combo Cleaner free version offers a Disk Cleaner feature, which ensures that your Mac is free of junk and obsolete files that waste gigabytes of disk space.

Combo Cleaner Premium Features Include:
* Antivirus – Award winning virus, malware, and adware scan engines receive hourly malware definition updates
* Duplicate File Finder – Combo Cleaner finds and eliminates duplicate files that waste valuable disk space
* Big Files Finder – Checks your local and external disks, listing all files and folders larger than 100MB
* Application Uninstaller – Combo Cleaner will find and remove files left behind when uninstalling apps
* Privacy Scanner – Scans installed browsers, enabling users to easily remove browsing histories, cookies, etc.

“We developed Combo Cleaner from the ground up to be a comprehensive system optimization tool, keeping your Mac free from junk and duplicate files, stuff left behind by apps, and more,” continues Tomas. “By making Combo Cleaner a part of their system toolbox, Mac users can be secure in the knowledge their machine will run strong, free from unnecessary issues caused by viruses, malware, and a lack of system maintenance.”

System Requirements:
* Requires OS X 10.10 or later (macOS Sierra compatible)
* 64-bit processor
* 2.7 MB

Combo Cleaner: Antivirus and System Optimizer 1.0.6 is free, and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Utilities category. Subscriptions to Combo Cleaner’s Premium features are available via a convenient in-app purchase. Pricing is $2.99 Monthly, $14.99 Half-yearly, and $25.99 Yearly.

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