InTouch Health Expands iOS And Windows Product Lines Enabling Physician to Patient Connection At Every Point of Care

Specialty telehealth enterprise provider InTouch Health has announced an expanded range of FDA Class I listed medical devices and software solutions for ambulatory, non-acute and non-emergent telehealth delivery, including the Vici Telehealth Cart and an expanded family of Viewpoint products including iOS Viewpoint software and tablets, Windows Viewpoint software and tablets and the new Provider Access 2.0 software.

“Set against the backdrop of an aging population, the subspecialization of care, and inequality of care delivery across geographic and socioeconomic lines, clinicians are the most valuable resource in every hospital system,” said InTouch Health CEO Joseph M. DeVivo “To leverage clinicians’ expertise appropriately and efficiently, health care organizations are increasingly relying on telehealth solutions to connect patients to physicians, to deliver greater access and higher quality, and ultimately to lower the cost of care. The combination of InTouch’s cloud network, and our suite of products and devices like the Vici Telehealth Cart, Viewpoint software, and Provider Access 2.0 software, creates a virtual connection allowing a physician to connect to an emergency room or ICU one moment, to a skilled nursing facility the next, followed by a checkup on a post-acute patient recovering at home.”

Additional new product details:

The Vici Telehealth Cart is a FDA Class I listed medical device intended for non-acute clinical use cases. The Vici Telehealth Cart includes a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 tablet integrated into a slim form cart with high-definition 12X optical zoom pan-tilt-zoom camera, echo-canceling microphone and speaker, five-hour battery life, and a lockable storage drawer for peripherals. The Vici Telehealth Cart connects physicians to patients via the Company’s existing actively monitored network, supported by a dozen global network operations centers.

The new family of Viewpoint software solutions includes both iOS and Windows versions that can be downloaded from the Apple App Store or downloaded on an internet-connected PC or Windows-based tablet. The new iOS Viewpoint Tablet is an Apple iPad Pro preconfigured with Viewpoint software. The new Windows Viewpoint Tablet is a Microsoft Surface Pro 4 preconfigured with Viewpoint software.

Provider Access 2.0 software extends physicians into any care location, seamlessly routed through the InTouch Telehealth HIPAA-compliant network, with an easy-to-use interface that controls connected devices and interoperates with clinical workflow application software that is part of the InTouch Health telehealth solution.

Through a combination of InTouch’s network, devices and software, a patient can be seen by a clinician via a tablet in the home, followed by a clinic appointment and throughout treatment at every touchpoint in the patient care continuum from home to transport to point of care, and finally home again.

InTouch’s services are reliable, quick to deploy, easy to scale, and interoperable with electronic health records (EHRs) and picture archiving and communication systems (PACS). Implementation does not require the stand up of new IT infrastructure, development of new software or creation of new clinical workflow solutions.

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Source: InTouch Health

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